Chocolate Truffles with Black Sunroot

For a decadent gluten-free treat try these amazing, easy to make truffles. You can easily replace the Black Sunroot Puree with Black Garlic Puree if you prefer a stronger hint of something special. 

Perfectly imperfect, these are silky smooth and will wow the chocoholics in your life.

The natural nutty-sweetness of Black Sunroot was our choice for the truffles in the picture. 

Start by making a good quality ganache that will firm up after a couple of hours in the fridge. Inspired by this truffle ganache recipe, here's how we did it.

Sunroot Chocolate Ganache

200 gm good quality chocolate (we broke up 200gm of Whittakers Milk Chocolate into a saucepan)

120 ml (1/2 cup) cream

20 gm Black Sunroot puree

Mix the three ingredients together in a saucepan and heat till the chocolate melts. Stir constantly, don't let it boil. Once the ingredients are all well mixed, pop in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Rolling the Truffles

Be prepared to get chocolate on your fingers! (That's not a bad thing, right?!)

Scoop out a teaspoonful of ganache. Using clean, dry hands, roll quickly and pop into a container or bowl with high-quality cocoa powder. We used Donovan's Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder.

Using another clean teaspoon or two, roll in cocoa powder and transfer to a clean dish.

Makes 16 truffles, speckled with goodness and love.

chocolate truffle with black sunroot from Neudorf Black