Why Black Sunroot?

Functional food at its best

What is Black Sunroot?

Black Sunroot (aka Black Sunchoke) is processed the same way as our Black Garlic - with low heat and high humidity in controlled conditions. As the sunroot naturally turns black, the flavour profile changes and additional nutrients are released.

The flavour notes of Black Sunroot from Neudorf Black™ are mild umami, nutty-sweet and raisin. During the cooking process we infuse the sunroot with select New Zealand native herbs.

What is this sunroot you speak of?

Sunroot is more commonly known as Jerusalem artichoke. It is also called sunchoke, earthroot or topinambour.

We like the name sunroot the best. After all, it is the tubers of a beautiful sunflower variety called helianthus tuberosus.

Growing in many backyards it is easy to grow and practically impossible to kill.

Sunroot was introduced to Europe from North America. In Italy they were called 'girasole' which was apparently corrupted in English to 'Jerusalem'. And the 'artichoke' stuck because people used to also cook up the flower buds in butter, just like an artichoke.

We grow our sunroot using organic principles in sunny Upper Moutere, New Zealand. 

Feel free to search online for the scientific studies reporting the goodness of sunroot.

OK, I’m keen to give it a go. What else should I know?

Because of the high levels of fructose, people with FODMAP issues should avoid sunroot in any form. 

You can eat Black Sunroot straight from the jar. We sell it in puree form for convenience and ease of use.

Black Sunroot can be eaten hot or cold. To preserve the superfood qualities of Black Sunroot in cooking, add it as late as possible in the cooking process.  

How do I eat Black Sunroot?

Snack ideas

  • Use on the cheese board as a sweeter balance to strong cheese.
  • Add to your fruit or vegetable smoothie, any time of the day.

Lunch ideas

  • Use instead of butter on gourmet sandwiches.
  • Blitz with oil and vinegar for an instant salad dressing.
  • Mix with hummus and enjoy.
  • Add Black Sunroot to homemade bread.

Dinner ideas

  • Coat fish before roasting, grilling or barbecuing.
  • Stir through risotto or pasta.
  • Mix a spoonful through a hearty dinner salad.
  • Think dessert - Black Sunroot mixes well with fruit and improves moisture levels in baking.

Browse recipe inspirations here.


When I create something with Black Sunroot, can I share this with you?

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