Black Garlic Essence 100ml

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Black liquid gold at its finest. An all-natural alternative to balsamic that is delicious and without the sharp acidic bite of vinegar.

Carefully collected and cured, our Black Garlic Essence is the juice of our New Zealand Black Garlic cloves. Sweet but savoury.

All-natural, with no preservatives, no sugar, or additives. Not diluted in any way.

Flavour notes: reduced balsamic, liquorice, tamarind.

This is the easiest way to get the goodness and flavour of Black Garlic into your daily cooking. Splash through sauces and marinades. Whip up salad dressings in the blink of an eye. Drizzle across prepared dishes for the final touch.

You'll wonder how you ever cooked without it. Discover, create, enjoy.

The perfect size for giving to the foodies in your life.

Vegan, Gluten Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amaze balls!

Found this company after their salt was gifted to us in a gift basket. Incredible products that will have us coming back for more!!

Nicky MacDonald
Rich and delicious

I’ve only tried the black garlic essence in a couple of dishes, but looking forward to trying the beef tataki recipe.

A little goes a long way with black garlic essence. Let us know how the beef tataki works out for you!

Lee Bourke
From NZ to Glenbrook

After tasting your amazing product both at the Nelson markets and the Artisan day at your property I was very keen to purchase your products to share with my family. I can hardly wait to try recipes to let them taste black garlic at its best. Thank you for being so prompt in sorting out the issue I had with my initial order.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review - we're very happy to send our Black Garlic goodies to y'all in Australia!

Darren & Cindy Davidson
Handy size for in our caravan

This Black Garlic Essence is like liquid gold.
Recently made a compound butter for our New York Rib Eye steak
2 Tbsp Butter
1 Tbsp Dashi Miso paste
1 Tbsp Neudorf Black Garlic Essence

Mix together & put in cling film so you can roll it into a log shape & then put in the fridge.
Once it's firm you can cut discs off the compound butter to pop on your steak (once you've turned it) or to pop into your spuds when mashing etc. Next level stuff, next level umami!

Thanks team - great recipe!