What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic starts life as regular white garlic. It is slow-cooked for weeks at a low temperature. As the natural sugars in the garlic caramelise, the garlic slowly turns black releasing amazing flavours you really have to try. You can read more about it on our Blog Post called Why Black Garlic?

How do I use Black Garlic?

Black Garlic 101 is Black Garlic Puree on a cheeseboard. However, Black Garlic really shines once you start using it in your cooking. Did you know that world renowned chef Ottolenghi recommends Black Garlic as one of the 10 staple ingredients of the kitchen?

It is recommended to add Black Garlic near the end of your dishes as you don't want to burn it. Mind you, having said that, we have some customers who love to blacken their steaks on the BBQ with it! Check out our Recipes Page for easy recipes. And if you subscribe to our newsletter (sign up in the page footer below) we send out a new recipe every month.

Can I replace white garlic with Black Garlic in my cooking?

The flavours are completely different. If you still love the sharp, pungent flavours of regular garlic, continue using it in your cooking. Black Garlic will lend a richness, and a depth of flavour that is compared by some to the flavour profile of truffle. It is common to use both regular garlic and Black Garlic in the same dish. They are complementary but completely different.

Which is better - Black Garlic Puree or Black Garlic Essence?

If you like versatility - choose the Puree. Because it is spreadable it is ready to go for the cheeseboard, avocado toast, or to stir through sour cream or mayonnaise. If you prefer convenience above all else - choose the Essence and dash or drizzle it on your meals for that magnificent umami flavour hit. Both are easy to use, and 100% all-natural.

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