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    New Zealand Black Garlic: luxurious umami flavours


New Zealand Black Garlic: luxurious umami flavours

"Liking this Black Honey. Recommend.

We use it in BBQ marinades, salad dressings and as a drizzle over roast veges and platters."

Darren, Blenheim

"Thanks for making amazing black garlic in New Zealand.

One of my fave culinary products ever."

Chef Angel, Luntian, Auckland

"A great addition to so many recipes.

Your Black Garlic Puree has a lovely savoury, umami, and slightly sweet flavour."

Laura, The Culinary Letter

"This is good value and very clever.

Neudorf Black Garlic Essence makes it easy to finish dishes in a very controllable way."

David Neville, Chef

"I use the Black Garlic Sea Salt nearly every day.

A fantastic flavour that knocks other garlic salts out of the park."

Ellie, NZ and USA

New Zealand's best black garlic range.

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