Blog post: Why Black Garlic?

Neudorf Black - Black Garlic: More than just great flavour

What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is a superfood that been enjoyed for centuries in Asia. It is prized for its distinctive flavour as well as its nutrients. Our Black Garlic is made in New Zealand, with New Zealand garlic. 

The flavour notes of Black Garlic from Neudorf Black™ are strong umami, reduced balsamic, tamarind, sweet, savoury and liquorice. It is sweeter than fresh garlic, and with no aftertaste or bad breath it can be used in sweet creations too.

Is Black Garlic a new variety of garlic?

Surprisingly, no; you cannot grow black garlic, you have to make it.

It is the natural result of slow-cooking fresh garlic for weeks under controlled conditions of low heat and high humidity. Some call this fermentation, though in reality, it is a change that occurs through the Maillard reaction, not fermentation. Fermentation happens with the introduction of a yeast or other microorganism. With Black Garlic, nothing is introduced to affect the change.

The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and natural sugars in food that produces new flavour compounds. The texture and flavour difference between raw onion and sautéed onion is due to the Maillard reaction. With garlic, the cloves naturally turn black as sugars convert and the allicin (that gives garlic its sharpness) breaks down.

The flavour changes completely. Even though Black Garlic is 100% garlic with nothing added, the infamous garlic-breath is a thing of the past with Black Garlic.

Is Black Garlic better than regular garlic?

  • Regular, white garlic has a distinct pungency that we love. For strong garlic flavour in your cooking, you can still use regular garlic. It is quite acceptable to use both in your meal creations.
  • Black Garlic is sweeter and much easier to eat than raw garlic. Plus, did we mention, no more bad breath? That’s a huge advantage!
  • There is a wealth of scientific information about Black Garlic. Due to the NZ Food Act, we can't list nutritional benefits here, but a quick search online should prove fruitful.

OK, I’m keen to give it a go. What else should I know?

  • You can eat Black Garlic straight. In Asia, it is not uncommon to eat a clove of Black Garlic a day for health and vitality.
  • It can be eaten hot or cold.
  • To preserve the superfood qualities of Black Garlic in cooking, add it as late as possible in the cooking process. 
  • Don't use Black Garlic as a replacement for white garlic if you want the white garlic pungency. Use Black Garlic to deepen the flavours.
  • You will have a hard time describing the flavour to your friends! Depending on the original garlic variety and quality the flavours can vary slightly from batch to batch.
  • Foodies love Black Garlic because it is unique, versatile, and freaking delicious.
  • Black Garlic is a stable food. Its natural nutritional properties give it excellent shelf life.
  • Check out our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page about Black Garlic for more information.

How do I eat Black Garlic?

Snack ideas

  • Start off simply with Black Garlic Puree and your favourite cheese on crackers (amazing with a creamy blue cheese!).
  • Spread on toast before adding a poached egg or avocado.
  • Mix with sour cream for a Black Garlic Sour Cream that is great with chips, or on a baked potato.
  • Mix with cream and quality chocolate for Black Garlic ganache.

Breakfast ideas

  • Mix through scrambled eggs or omelette.
  • On toast with any topping of your choice.
  • Put a smudge of Black Garlic Puree on your hash browns, or stir Black Garlic Puree or Black Garlic Essence through your breakfast mushrooms.

Dinner ideas

  • Spread on meat or fish before roasting.
  • Use in marinades, sauces and dressings.
  • Stir through risotto or pasta.
  • Mix with mayonnaise for instant gourmet black aioli.

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