Black Garlic Puree 180gm

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Good choice!

Flavour notes: strong umami, reduced balsamic, tamarind, sweet, savoury, liquorice.

Meet the Little Black Dress of the Kitchen. Easy to use, ready to go, and super stylish no matter how you use it.

Use as a condiment or spread. Stir into a risotto or mix through aioli for starters. Chef Ottolenghi knows what he's talking about when he says you need this in your kitchen.

The natural result of slow-cooking fresh garlic for weeks under controlled conditions, our Black Garlic Puree is made with 100% New Zealand garlic. No preservatives or additives.

Our Black Garlic Puree typically has a stronger flavour than Black Garlic bulbs or cloves.

Long shelf-life, even once opened. Refrigerate after opening.

Vegan, Gluten Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Hamish Macmillan
Black Garlic Puree 180gm

Got 2 of the Black Garlic Puree 180gm this time, as it’s so delicious with my daily steak, and it kept on running out. Highly recommended, and get 2 at the sometime !

You'll be upgrading to the kilo tub before you know it... Thanks for your kind review, enjoy!

Paul Hansen
A superb condiment/ingredient

Adds a spark to many things, even simply spreading on toast with avocado and tomato. Delicious stuff, thanks!

Thank you so much! And you're very welcome - we love what we do.

John Olsen

It is such a tasty condiment. I have encouraged others to try it and they love it.
Thanks so much.

Wonderful - thank you for sharing the love!

Michelle Gordon

Black Garlic Puree 180gm

Thank you for your kind review

Monique Ansems

A tsp added to any dish transfers it to something different 😃

Yes, you've unlocked the secret! Thanks for taking the time to review, it is much appreciated.