Black Garlic Butter

A knob of Black Garlic Butter on steak, cooked vegetables or through scrambled eggs makes a big difference.

Here's two ways to make it - one with regular garlic, and one without.

Black Garlic Butter (no white garlic)

We use a 2:1 ration of butter to Black Garlic Puree. But hey, go crazy with a 1:1 ratio if you prefer. 

Classic Black Garlic Butter

Mix 150gm soft butter (not melted) with 30gm Black Garlic Puree and 1-2 cloves crushed garlic. Add 1/4 tsp chili powder if you want extra zing!

Tip: refrigerate your Black Garlic butter for 10 minutes, then roll into a log, wrap in plastic and refrigerate until hard. Then, cut a slice from the log as needed. Keep the rest in the freezer until you need it again.